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I am a photographer based in Bærums Verk, near Oslo, Norway.

My interest in photography started in my student days at Glasgow University where I worked as a photographer for the Student Magazine. I covered all sorts of rock concerts and bands.

In 1993 I participated in my first workshop with Morten Krogvold, followed by further workshops with well - known photographers such as Claire Rosen, Jeff Cowen & Jim Casper, Damian Heinisch, Hans - Olav Forsang, Julie Pike, and William Ropp, to name a few. I am always looking to broaden my work and gain inspiration and insights from others. 

My deep and long-time relationship with horses led me to equine photography. Combining two profound passions, photography and horses, makes for a fantastic opportunity to do what I love the most. I really feel I am in the right element: aiming to convey the personality and character of the horse, and loving to show the magical interaction between horses and people.

I work for Equlife World magazine, and have also been published in several other equine and lifestyle magazines. I also do private horse and rider portraits, as well as fashion and lifestyle photography. In addition, I work for Lusitano Horse Finder on horse-related projects for articles and art projects in Portugal and Spain.

I also photograph weddings - in Norway or other destinations. I often cover the whole day  - documentary style -  I love for this kind of photography !


Interested ?  Have a chat at mob + 47 92 04 31 31 or mail me: lena.saugen@gmail.com